The Burgemeester Reinaldapark is an attractive neighbourhood park situated to the east of the city in the post-war Parkwijk district, one of six districts. The Selimiye Mosque, built in 2006, with its striking 40-panelled green glass dome, marks the entrance from the city. The park was named after Marius Antoon Reinalda (1988-1965), a former Dutch politician and Haarlem mayor. 

Once a landfill site, the park was cleaned up and revamped in 2010 with a striking hydrangea bed and a Second World War monument. The highest incline is on the south side of the Schipholweg (N205) with woods, football fields, tennis courts and the Pavilion café. The park slopes down via winding paths towards the Fuikplas and the Leonard Springerlaan on the north side of the park.